It stinks buying expensive nut milk only to have them taste watery or Just Plain Gross!

If you feel the same way, you've GOT to give this one a try.
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We Understand, We've Been There.
We decided long ago to stop drinking dairy, and replace it with nut milk.  Early on my daughter had bad reflux with dairy.  We tried alternatives like goat milk, but it just tasted bad.  When we switched to almond milk, it was watery and lacked any real flavor or substance.  Turns out, it has very few nuts, so manufacturers had fillers and thickeners like carrageenan!

Nut milks got to be expensive and took up tons of room in the refrigerator.  Seems like we always ran out late at night when we were too tired to go to the store or it was too late and the store was already closed.

We were DONE and decided to try making our own nut milk... how hard could it be, right?  So, we looked it up online.  Recipes said you have to blend it and then strain it through a nut bag to get out all the remaining pulp... sounded easy enough.

We ordered a few nut bags and waited a few days for them to arrive.  Once we got them, what a mess!  You have to pour the mixture into the bag and then squeeze the liquid through.  It took 10-15 minutes to get most of the milk out of the bag, but then we were left with a mess that took another 10-15 minutes to clean!  No thank you!

There had to be an easier way!  

I'm here to tell you, there is!

Download this easy simple recipe and ENJOY!
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